This is a space where ideas, creativity and knowledge fly... As high as our plane!

This is a space where ideas, creativity and knowledge fly... As high as our plane!

The importance of creativity in HSE communication

HSE areas play a crucial role in the well-being of employees and, therefore, in the effectiveness of operations. It is increasingly important to achieve effective communication with employees to ensure compliance with HSE policies and practices.

Communication of different HSE topics can be a challenge as they often involve complex concepts that can be difficult for employees to understand and internalize. That is why creativity becomes a very effective tool for capturing the attention of the audience (taking into account variables such as culture, level of education, and hierarchy within the company).

An innovative approach to HSE communication is the use of motion design videos. These videos combine graphic elements, animation, and music to create visually appealing and easy-to-understand content. Motion design videos can simplify complex concepts into images and sounds, making it easier for employees to retain information, internalize messages, and take self-care actions. Moreover, motion design videos can be very effective in generating emotional impact. For example, if a video promotes workplace safety, it can show realistic situations of work accidents and their consequences for employees, the company, and their families. This type of content can motivate employees to take safety measures in their daily work and commit to HSE policies and practices.

At Viernes Strategic Videos, we understand the importance of communicating risk and hazard identification, differentiating between accidents and incidents, and complying with regulations according to each country. Our videos are focused on industrial companies, and our personalized approach allows us to understand our clients’ specific needs and create audiovisual content that adapts to their objectives and target audience.

At Viernes Strategic Videos, we are committed to helping companies optimize their communication to ensure a safe and healthy work environment and achieve their goals.