This is a space where ideas, creativity and knowledge fly... As high as our plane!

This is a space where ideas, creativity and knowledge fly... As high as our plane!

Tips to improve safety in the workplace

Safety in each job is essential to ensure the physical and mental integrity of workers. To achieve this, it is important to follow certain recommendations that allow for the minimization of workplace risks and the promotion of a safe and healthy work environment.

1. Identify workplace hazards
The first step in improving workplace safety is to identify the workplace hazards that employees are exposed to. To do this, it is important to conduct a risk assessment in the workplace that allows for the development of a prevention plan and the inclusion of measures to control and mitigate identified risks. However, it is not enough to simply have a plan; it is important to communicate it to employees and ensure that they are aware of how to take care of themselves.

2. Foster a safety culture
To foster a safety culture in the workplace, it is essential to have committed leadership that permeates this behavior, to develop effective communication throughout the organization, to train employees in identifying and preventing workplace hazards, and to implement a system of recognition and reward for those whose behavior strengthens the culture of safety and occupational health.

3. Provide adequate personal protective equipment (PPE)
Personal protective equipment is necessary to minimize workplace risks. PPE protects against injuries from exposure to chemicals, noise, heat, radiation, among others. PPE is also a legal requirement and can improve productivity if employees are aware that it is more expensive to have an incident than to learn how to perform their duties with the equipment. Finally, it protects companies from liability for an accident.

4. Conduct regular inspections
Regular inspections allow for the identification and correction of conditions that may be dangerous to the health and safety of workers. Regular inspections ensure that HESQ procedures are being followed.

5. Promote active employee participation
Active employee participation in the identification and prevention of workplace hazards is essential to improving workplace safety. It fosters communication between employees, the implementation of preventive measures or solutions to unforeseen risks, and makes employees feel valued, improving the work environment.

From these simple tips, we can not only improve the safety in every job position within the company, but also promote a culture of safety and self-care. A safe and healthy work environment is the responsibility of everyone in the company, and that’s why Viernes Strategic Videos works with the storytelling methodology, which allows them to create a safety culture using such a powerful tool nowadays as video. Can you imagine all these tips in a 2-minute video?